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Silent Sky by Lauren Gunderson was the final production in Southern Plains Productions' third season. Henrietta Leavitt was one of the most prolific astronomers of her time, discovering the fundamental pattern behind how we measure distance to stars outside of our galaxy. This play tells the story of the latter half of her life, after she was rendered hard of hearing. Our production took place in the Kirkpatrick planetarium, on a circular tiered platform in the round. I took American Sign Language classes for 6 months in New York before heading out to direct this entirely accessible production, which included ASL and closed captioning for every performance. It was a great joy to enter the world of Deaf theater, and working with a DASL was a wonderful collaboration that I would love to repeat.

SPP_Silent Sky_15.JPEG

Kaia Fitzgerald as Henrietta Leavitt

Silent Sky

By Lauren Gunderson

Southern Plains Productions at the Kirkpatrick Planetarium

Artistic Director: Jackson Gifford

Director: Cameron King

Director of ASL: Kaia Fitzgerald

Movement Director: Hui Cha Poos

Intimacy Director: Cam Hamlin

Dramaturg: Katy Zapanta

PSM: Audrey Mantia

ASM: Katelyn King

Projection Designer: Bea Esfahani

Scenic Designer: Ningning Yang

Lighting Designer: Clara Wiebe

Costume Designer: Jason Estala

Sound Designer: Harley Roche

Hair and Makeup Designer: Allison Winsby

Technical Director: Christian Heffron

Lead Carpenter: Monica Tran

Scenic Charge Artist: Scott Roberts

Photographer: John Gifford

Henrietta Leavitt: Kaia Fitzgerald

Margaret Leavitt: McCall McCarty

Peter Shaw: Zack Palomo

Annie Cannon: Ava Mingo

Williamina Fleming: Ashley Mandanas

Understudies: Cam Hamlin and Coy Maloney

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