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The Ballad of Keith King by Kyle Prue was a 20-day workshop production at Seven House Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The show is an epic of great proportion, conquering the complex institution of American healthcare through multiple dance numbers, live percussion, and complicated fight sequences. I played the puppet master of the show, Brenda, in addition to directing in our tight alleyway gallery space.

Keith King Brooklyn (178 of 197).jpg

Emily Chang and Gían Pérez

The Ballad of Keith King

By Kyle Prue

at Seven House Gallery

Directors: Cameron King and Gían Pérez

Production Assistant: Andrew Ochete

Producers: Kyle Prue, Maggie Shea, Sydney Prince, Ted Gibson, Andrew Ochete, Cameron King, Leyla Beydoun and Gían Pérez

Lighting Designer: Celia Frey

Props Designer: Nicole White

Fight Choreographer: Anna Schiavoni

Lead Electrician: Chris Simko

Keith King: Gían Pérez

Brenda: Cameron King

Dr. Herman Leach and Senator Starboard: Kyle Prue

Dee and Aid: Emily Chang

Allie T: Rebecca Mitzner

Bulldog Billy, Old Achling, and Itty Bitty: Chad Pierre Vann

Cliff, Dad, and Sawtooth: Rob Kellog

Teacher, Mom, and Hounddog: Shaunie Lewis

BB: Ted Gibson

Percussion: Spoonuel

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