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"Hulaballoo" was a short dance piece created as part of Carnegie Mellon's annual dance festival, Dance/Light. I wanted to create a tribute to the partnership between Michael Bennet and Donna McKechnie by postulating what they would create if they returned to choreograph on "Hulaballoo," the 60s dance variety show where they first met. Combining popular dance hall moves of the 60s with tributes to shows such as "Dreamgirls," "Company," and "A Chorus Line," this carelessly joyful piece served as the opening number for the 2020 Dance/Light festival.



Choreographed by Cameron King

In Collaboration with Patrick Davis and the Hulaballoo Dancers:

Victoria Bartolotta, Darius Fraser, Dylan T. Jackson, Khailah Johnson, Miller Kraps, Maddie Rubin, and Quan Wynder-Wilkins

Lighting Design: Hannah Kerman and Nick Pollock
Costume Design: Christian Fleming

Stage Management: Ally Hasselback

Featured as the opening number of the 2020 Dance/Light Festival.

In the "Hulaballoo" rehearsal room (2019)

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