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Other People's Dead Dads by Jacob Wasson is a deeply personal epic that transcends sexuality, generation, and death itself. Ollie runs a Funeral Guest Stand-In business, specializing in playing the estranged and excommunicated gay sons of America. He vows to make a change, but his lies have gone too far. I put together this team after finding the script, and after three draft readings, we were able to fund a 29-hour industry presentation.


Zak and I after the Dead Dads Reading

Other People's Dead Dads

By Jacob Wasson, Presented by Zak Biggins

Director: Cameron King

Stage Manager: Terysa Malootian

Videographer: Shoshana at Famous in NY

Jesse/Charlie/Di: Dylan T. Jackson

Ollie: Julian Manjerico

Dan's Daughter/Joan: Delia Cunningham

Marie Antoinette/Ashley: Mia Sterbini

Mother: Kate King

Pastor/Oscar Wilde: James Scully

Deb/Miriam/Anastasia: Amy Jo Jackson

Stage Directions: Alexa Roosevelt

Special Thanks: Nya, Rebecca Mitzner, Sheer Figman

Dead Dads Eventbrite.png
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