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LIZZIE, 2022

Lizzie: The Rock Musical was presented by Southern Plains Productions, a site-specific theatre company in Oklahoma City, OK.  After Zoom auditions and entirely remote collaboration, I arrived two weeks before our opening night to create a high-energy theatrical experience that lives in the mosh pit between musical and rock concert. We were lucky enough to sell out the Tower Theater for the latter half of our run. Lizzie tells the story of Lizzie Borden and the women in her life as they wrestle with their ancient female rage.

Lizzie: The Rock Musical

Presented by Southern Plains Productions at the Tower Theater


Director: Cameron King

Artistic Director: Jackson Gifford

Music Director: Jude Caminos

Choreographer: Hui Cha Poos

Dramaturg: Kaiti Barta

Production Stage Manager: Audrey Mantia

Assistant Stage Manager: Abbey Helfen

Lighting Designer: Fabian Garcia

Sound Designer: Matthew Sykes

Costume Designer: Armando Ortiz

Hair & Makeup Designer: Christine Reichert

Props Designer: James Dudeck


Lizzie: Sadie Farmer

Emma: Joann Gilliam

Alice: Haley Gustafson

Bridget: Sasha Manxetti

Pigeon Girl, u/s Lizzie and Bridget: Jessica Vanek

Pigeon Girl, u/s Emma and Alice: Caitlin Zerra Rose

Sadie Farmer as Lizzie

lizzie 12.jpg
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