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"Sorry I Missed You" is an experiential movement piece based on Gian Perez's "Baby Blue."  Adira Rosen and I co-created this deep listening experience for Carnegie Mellon's 17th Playground Festival.  Audience were presented with their own baby photos as actors floated between illusions of home and reminders of homesickness.

Sorry I Missed You

Based on the work of Gian Perez
Directors: Cameron King and Adira Rosen

Asst. Stage Manager: Sidney Rubinowicz

Sound Designer: Rachel Kolb

Media Designer: Joss Green

Lighting Designer: Sydney Asselin

Costume Designer: Julie Scharf

Scenic Design: Patrick O'Shea


Ava Egerston

Joshua Wyatt

Katy Zapanta

Mikael Gemeda-Breka

Andy Lebuhn

Reece Grover

Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 5.10.04 PM.png

Joshua Wyatt in Sorry I Missed You (2019)

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