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"Arlington" was the first production I made during the pandemic: a restless reflection of the loneliness in my community and Enda Walsh's. It was the founding production of Group 404 and involved actors and dancers from around the country.


By Enda Walsh

Director: Cameron King
Associate Director: Jackson Eick

Stream Engineer and Live Video Designer: Major Curda

Sound Designer and Composer: Rachel Kolb

Dance Video Editor: Nate Cohen

Media Designer: Joss Green

Young Man - Patrick Davis
Isla - Delia Cunningham
Supervisor - Carmen Flood
Young Woman - Hannah Cornish
Michael - Sam O'Byrne
Maureen - Krissy Bylancik
Usual Man - Jonathan Champion

Rayven Bailey, Adam Brett, Miranda Coble, Iana Dobreva, Isaiah Foster, Alexa James-Cardenas, Andrew Lebuhn, Julian Manjerico, Tomás Matos, Amanda Miserocchi, Valentino Musumeci, Gian Perez, Adira Rosen, Laughton Royce, Lina Silver, Kate Snyder, Emma Steiner

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