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"The Outs and Ins: A Study in the Ineffable" is a song cycle that I directed with my friend, Daniel Neale. The characters are seemingly unrelated, dealing with their individual anxieties with crippling independence.  We decided to place the songs in a high school, where all the students believe that they are suffering alone, but the characters are far more alike than they know.  We covered the lobby of the Purnell Center for the Arts in high school posters and used the architecture of the space to define their journeys.


The Outs and Ins

By Jacob Ryan Smith
Directors: Cameron King & Daniel Neale

Orchestrations: Cole Abod
Production Supervisor: Evan Schild

Lighting Design: Alex Talbot and Evan Schild

Scenic Design: Katherine Sharpless

Stage Manager: Allison Gerecke


Ben Cherington

Riley Noland

Grant Reynolds

Dylan Jackson

Sam O'Byrne

Sunday Saari

Laughton Royce Berry

Hagan Oliveras

Miller Kraps

Khailah Johnson

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