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"The Noble Normal" was a theater piece based on Kurt Vonegut's "Harrison Bergeron" that was filmed and broadcasted live by Group 404.  It was performed in a COVID-safe Pittsburgh studio (apartment) on December 12th, 2020 as part of Carnegie Mellon's 18th Playground Festival. Along with Rachel Kolb, Major Curda, and Jackson Eick, I wrote and directed this tragic retelling of private lives in a future where equality is policed and talent is shamed. When two parents disagree on what is best for their dangerously gifted child, blame and guilt haunt their marriage.


The Noble Normal

Created by Group 404

Director: Cameron King

Sound Designer: Rachel Kolb

Live Video Producer & Director of Photography: Major Curda

Co-developer & Camera Operator: Jackson Eick

Stage Manager: Spencer Byham-Carson

Costume Designers: Lily Cunicelli & Jean-Luc DeLadurantaye

TV Puppet Model and Artistic Support: Patrick O'Shea

Puppet Designer: Cooper Nickels

Original Music: Sam O'Byrne

Propaganda: Delia Cunningham & Jake Anderson


Hazel Bergeron: Hannah Cornish

George Bergeron: Russell Hawkins

Harrison Bergeron: Samantha Toy Ozeas

Stuttering Announcer: Jake Anderson

Propaganda Voice: Delia Cunningham

Female Announcer: Carmen Flood

Second Announcer: Patrick Davis

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