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"THINK" by Sunday Saari was an empowering project by women for women.

I co-directed this music video with my friend, Samantha Toy Ozeas, in 2019.

Directors: Cameron King & Samantha Toy Ozeas

Director of Photography: Raffaele Dillulo

Scenic Design: Katherine Sharpless

Costume Design: Davine Byon

Lighting Design/SFX Makeup: Truly Cates

Hair and Makeup: Clare Duncan

Choreography: Rachel Pospíšil

Orchestrations: Zachary Novack

Puppet Design: Iana Dobreva

Video Editor: Nate Cohen

Production Manager: Sidney Rubinowicz

Assistant Cinematographers: Balint Oltvai and Luke Keibler


Dancers: Emily Chang, Tara Clinkscales, Ava Egertson, Essence Stiggers, Ayana Williams, Nicholas Biddle, Drew Bos, Trey Caperton, Isaiah Foster, Sam Marzella, Nick Smith

(December, 2019)

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