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CLOUD 9, 2017

"Cloud 9" by Caryl Churchill was the mainstage production of G45 Productions for their 2017 season.

Could 9

By Caryl Churchill

Directed by Cameron King


Production Stage Manager: Jack Dermer
Production Manager: Sam Mueller
Producing Associate: Katie Marshall
Assistant Director: Kaelan O'Donnell
Lighting Designer: Jack Dermer
Master Electrician: Dylan Marin
Set Design: Henry Blazer
Costume & Props Design: Penelope Revelo
Costume & Props Associates: Rebecca Mitzner, Sabrina Finklestein
Graphic Design: Wyatt David Welles
Composer: Jake R. Smith
Production Photography: Barbara Engel
Videography / Projection Design: Lucas Atkins
Media Director: Tommaso di Blasi


Noa Bornstein as Maud/Lin

Dillon Claro as Clive/Cathy

Charlotte Durkee as Edward/Betty

Abe Jacobs as Betty/Edward

Jarrett Jung as Harry/Martin

Zeke St. John as Joshua/Gerry

Isabel Renner as Mrs. Saunders/Ellen/Victoria

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